We’re very excited to announce the signing of Dale ‘signed’ Tang, as we welcome him back to ORDER!

Dale previously flew under the wings of ORDER back in the Overwatch Contenders, and today he joins us as our newest #ORDERVAL member taking over Ollie ‘DickStacy’ Tierney’s place.

“With the news of Ollie stepping down, we had a roster spot to fill. The players and the organisation took a mature approach to find the perfect fit for our roster. As the number 1 rated team in the region the options were plentiful, and Dale stood out as the player we wanted. Dale has represented ORDER previously in Overwatch, and we’re happy to welcome him back as part of our highly rated VALORANT Roster. Dale has really gone beyond just filling in a spot and risen to the challenge to make the role his own. He has proven to everyone that he is a top player in the region with our recent success in the VOT Stage 2 Qualifier and we look forward to many more victories to come.” Chris ‘GoMeZ’ Orfanellis, CGO

Check out the new roster in action tonight, as we take on the NOVA VALORANT Invitational at 6:30PM! #ORDERUP




Rivals Grind. Road to Elite Division (23-0-0)

Another heartbreaker loss in OT, when we should've won regulation; GG's to @KnightsGG

onto @Wildcard_GG on Thursday.

Ouch. 😥

After going into another overtime match, the @KnightsGG take us down 6-8 on Chalet. Well played 🤝

#ORDERUP🛎️ @AlienwareOz

We're live now for Playday 4 of #R6APACL!

LIVE: http://twitch.tv/Rainbow6


Back again for another rematch against the @KnightsGG 👀 see you soon, #R6APACL!

LIVE @ 8PM > http://twitch.tv/Rainbow6

#ORDERUP🛎️ @LogitechG_ANZ