We’re happy to announce that Shane ‘Kevy’ Allen will be joining #ORDERLOL for Split 2 of the LCO!

With Split 2 just 4 days away, now is a great time to reveal our roster and ambitions for League of Legends in the second split of the LCO.

After the conclusion of Split 1, we felt like we were in an okay place finishing the regular season in 4th and losing out a red hot Chiefs in the playoffs. We stayed active in the off-season and trialed a few different options and combinations with mixed results, but felt we needed a change to stay in the top group of teams for the second split.

At this point, Kevy was made available to us by PEACE. We trialed this lineup with Kevy in the Jungle and liked the way it was progressing. We then arranged for the buyout to take place and see Kevy transferred to ORDER via Buyout.

Kevy is a great up and coming talent and someone we had an eye on during the first split – after placing 2nd with PEACE, we think he will be a great fit with our players to push for the ultimate success in Split 2.

With this change our starting lineup for the 2021 Split 2 will be:

Maximize – Top
Kevy – Jungle
Chungy – Mid
Puma – Bottom
Beats – Support
Vengeance – Jungle / Substitute




Rivals Grind. Road to Elite Division (23-0-0)

Another heartbreaker loss in OT, when we should've won regulation; GG's to @KnightsGG

onto @Wildcard_GG on Thursday.

Ouch. 😥

After going into another overtime match, the @KnightsGG take us down 6-8 on Chalet. Well played 🤝

#ORDERUP🛎️ @AlienwareOz

We're live now for Playday 4 of #R6APACL!

LIVE: http://twitch.tv/Rainbow6


Back again for another rematch against the @KnightsGG 👀 see you soon, #R6APACL!

LIVE @ 8PM > http://twitch.tv/Rainbow6

#ORDERUP🛎️ @LogitechG_ANZ