Today we part ways with Nathaniel "Merit" Hawkins, and welcome back Dale "Signed" Tang. The catalyst for the changes today were brought on when we were recently informed that our 7-player roster would be unable to make substitutions during the playoffs - essentially committing to 6 players.

As such, the decision behind the roster change today wasn’t an easy conclusion to reach; and one that few - if any - followers of the Australian scene would come to. Today we release Merit from our roster, and will have Jordation filling in as flex support for the remainder of the season. The change inevitably comes at a risk, but we believe the potential of the changes far outweighs the safest option.

While we are allowed to substitute players during the regular season leading up to the playoffs we felt that developing 7 players would be a mistake and waste of not only our development resources but also a waste of the 7th players time as they would be unable to participate in the tournament playoffs.

We would like to thank Merit for his contributions to the team throughout the final season of 2018, where he helped the team place 2nd in the Overwatch Contenders Season 3 Final, in addition to his work leading up to, and beginning of this current season. Merit has been released from any and all contractual obligations and is a free agent. Any team needing a flex support would benefit from his contributions in game, and as an individual.

"Despite parting ways here, Merit is a solid player with great mechanics and the necessary desire and drive to win. I hope he finds the right fit on another team. Signed is no stranger to the team, having previously played under the ORDER banner. We welcome him back after his break from the game. Signed is one of the most proficient DPS players in the region and we can't wait to showcase this talent once again." - Andrew "Rqt" Haws