Today we’re announcing some changes to the #ORDERVAL roster, with Ollie “DickStacy” Tierney stepping down from the active lineup and moving into a coaching role within the team.

“When Ollie came to me about the idea of him stepping down from the active roster, we knew immediately that he is a guy we need to keep around. Ollie has immense talent but is also a great character with lots of experience in and out of the server. Our VALORANT team is young and having someone of his caliber to help them achieve their goals is a massive opportunity not only for the players, but for the organisation to secure a great coach. We are thrilled to keep him within the ORDER brand and excited to see the next chapter in his career unfold.” – Chris “GoMeZ” Orfanellis, CGO

Stay tuned for more updates to come. #ORDERUP



Much better gaming from us today 2-0 vs the handsome gents @VertexESC going up against #LFO tomorrow for that lovely EPL spot 🥵💅

2-0 vs @VertexESC in ESEA Premier. Beautiful CS from everyone today love to see it. Onto #LFO tomorrow in the Grand Final, ggwp. 🥶🥶

Only one team will make it through to the grand final - we're live now against @VertexESC for @ESEA Premier!

LIVE: http://twitch.tv/conkyyy


Happy birthday to our #ORDERR6 player turned manager, @ItBeStyleR6! 🎉

We hope you had a great day! 🥳

GG's to the @ChiefsESC we take the Regulation win 7-5

Nice to end a rough stage for us with a win, we can now put full focus to prepare for relegations.

See you all then. :)