The year has started with a bang for ORDER Overwatch, who across the weekend were the victors in the Contenders Season 1 Finals at IEM Sydney 2019, at Qudos Bank Arena.

It was the first time since the beginning of Overwatch Contenders Australia that a team has beaten the Sydney Drop Bears in a Grand Final.
The #ORDEROW squad couldn’t have found a better time to bring home a victory, dethroning the undefeated Sydney Drop Bears on the biggest stage ever for a Contenders Final, and securing a trip to the Overwatch Contenders Pacific Showdown in Shanghai, China – the first international event ever available to Australian Contenders teams.

“I speak for the entire team when I say it feels phenomenal to have finally overthrown the Sydney Drop Bears; the team that has always been our biggest rival. It shows that our hard work and dedication has been paying off with consistent improvement each season. Tears were shed on that stage – the team has never been this hungry for victory.” – Andrew ‘Rqt’ Haws

The Pacific Showdown will feature the top teams from Australia, China, Korea, and the Pacific, and takes place May 24th – 26th.




An ideal Birdie round ft 'Meaty' EX Dolphin. Special guest, Milk Tea.

Ouch. #ORDEROW are taken down 1-3 in the second week of the @owpathtopro regular season - GGWP @AthleticoES, you guys played a great game!


From 0-2 down to a 4-2 victory! Huge recovery from #ORDEROW as our superb defence nets us the second map, tying up the scoreline 1-1!


#ORDEROW are back for their second match of the regular @owpathtopro season, facing @AthleticoES shortly!

LIVE @ 2PM - https://t.co/5goFLL89jP


Not our week.

#ORDERLOL drop the match to @ChiefsESC, putting us at 1-5 for the second @OPL split. We'll be back next week, coming up against @Gravitas and @bombers.