ORDER are very happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Monash University for the 2019 Oceanic Challenger Series. Our ORDER Academy team will comprise of Team Monash students as they compete in the OCS under the ORDER flag.

With a presence on four continents, international partnerships and study abroad programs around the globe, Monash is Australia’s largest university. Monash’s values of Optimism, Collaboration, Culture and a never ending desire to learn, are all values shared by those here at ORDER and we are excited to see this partnership come into fruition.

We’re really happy to partner with TeamMonash for the OCS. ORDER’s philosophy of high performance training, preparation and player management are aligned with TeamMonash’s own approach. We’ve been excited to discuss esports with the different faculties at Monash and look forward to growing the partnership across ORDER’s other teams. – Chris Derrick, CEO of ORDER.

We at Monash University are excited to partner with ORDER on this joint venture. It’s a great opportunity for us to represent our university, Monash and one of the premier esports organisations in Australia, ORDER.

This is an exciting time for the esports industry as numerous universities have started to venture into the world of competitive gaming. It will be interesting to see how the four university rosters (QUT Tigers, UQ Union, UTS Esports and Order Academy) will fare in this competition and what rivalries will arise from it.

Like our other student athletes, our League of Legends team are expected to balance their study and competition commitments. However, with the help of the support programs provided by both Team Monash and ORDER, our players will have all the necessary tools they need to succeed.

Our OCS players will have access to the ESPS (elite student performer scheme), physical training systems, sports psychology and nutritional support and other various benefits from ORDER and Team Monash. On top of that, our academy team will also have numerous opportunities to scrimmage ORDER’s OPL team and learn from both the players and the coach of the main team.

This collaborative effort is a great leap forward to showing future pro gamers that they don’t need to choose between studying and gaming, they are able to pick both. – Eric Lee, Manager of ORDER OCS and member of Team Monash.

We are pleased to announce our roster of:

Top: Morgan ‘Vans’ Khuu

Jungle: Harrison ‘Harri’ Nguyen

Mid: Jacob ‘JLKC’ Low

ADC: Evan ‘Ceres’ Mascarenhas

Support: Almog ‘Mog’ Leyzerman

Sub: Benjamin ‘Yueni’ Nguy

Sub: Angus ‘frog arms’ Ma

Sub: Alan ‘Clovus’ Nguyen

Player/Coach: Evan ‘Ceres’ Mascarenhas

Manager: Eric ‘Aeri’ Lee

The OCS action kicks off this week on Thursday, where our #ORDERACAD team will play against Emprox at 5PM. Follow our social pages to stay up to date!



Loose 1-3 to @AvantGaming gg. Lots to work on going forward and good luck at DH open lads

Lost to @AvantGaming in the final. Felt sloppy all day and they were hitting insane shots. ggwp

GG @AvantGaming go down 1-3. Well played by them, we couldn't get the ball rolling on the last maps!

honestly the worst series ive ever played individually and i really let the team down. only positive i can take away is that it was before the major qualifier tournaments. GG GZ and Avant!

After a huge day of CS, we fall 1-3 to @AvantGaming in the ESL ANZ Championship Grand Final. Well played, and best of luck at LAN!