It was an on-and-off Split 1 for ORDER LOL, but after a record breaking Gaunlet run that saw them into the Grand Final, the squad have fallen to the Bombers 0-3.

The team came in to the Grand Final having been the first team in OPL history to run the gauntlet all the way, but the hardest task was what would come next, beating season forerunners Bombers in a BO5 to take home 1st place in the OPL, and secure a spot at the 2019 Mid Season Invitational. Unfortunately for the team, they went down 0-3 to the Bombers, who kept up their season strong form right from the start.

ORDER LOL will now head to South Korea for a mid-year bootcamp, before returning for Split 2 of the OPL.

Split 1 was figuring out who we were as a team. Our identity, style and synergy. It took most of the season, but I think we really came together in the gauntlet and became more than just individuals. I was happy with how split1 ended, almost a perfect end to a difficult split. Coming into Split 2 I think we have a much clearer idea of how we want to play the game and how we want to get there. This split will be focused around refining what worked in split 1 and improving our overall consistency” – Simon “Swiffer” Papamarkos




Feels bad to get so close both splits, not good enough but when I am and I do win a title it’s going to make days like these worth it. Gg @MAMMOTH_OCE incredibly excited for my former teammates to have another shot at international @Phantiks @FudgeOCE see you all next year.

Sad that we didn’t make back-to-back runs, but proud and thankful in my team for pushing through this year.

Learned so much with my boys and am looking forward to another year of drafting.

Good luck @MAMMOTH_OCE and @Phantiks at MEO 👊

Very crushed with how it ended , I wanted to show I had more in the tank , @MAMMOTH_OCE prepared too well, this feeling never gets any better.

Our @OPL Gauntlet run is over as we fall 0-3 in the third round.

Thank you to everyone who has supported #ORDERLOL throughout this split, it most certainly doesn't come unnoticed. Congratulations @MAMMOTH_OCE and good luck at the @MelbEsportsOpen!


Backs against the wall.

Let's see how this goes.