We are excited to announce the acquisition of Charlie “Zeph” Dodd, who has departed Avant to join ORDER CS. As an organisation with a focus on player development, Charlie represents a fantastic opportunity – he is a young player with a wealth of talent, and has worked hard to establish a great career already. Charlie has a wonderful attitude, and huge aspirations for himself, and we are very excited to work with him.

Charlie will make his debut with ORDER CS this evening in ESEA MDL S29!

You can follow Charlie on Twitter here.




So Twitter... We need help deciding who to go for in the Grand Final. Who’s winning #Worlds2019?

ORDER overcome The Chiefs Esports Club and book themselves a spot at the MDL Season 32 Global Challenge.

📝 Full Story: https://t.co/saoBM84Ywm

Solid cs tonight with everyone stepping up. MDL winners! ggwp @ChiefsESC

Nice win by the boys,Super proud of everyone! First overseas lan finally! GG 3-2 @ChiefsESC

another fun series vs @ChiefsESC
gg 3-1 @ESEA MDL finals