We are excited to announce the acquisition of Charlie “Zeph” Dodd, who has departed Avant to join ORDER CS. As an organisation with a focus on player development, Charlie represents a fantastic opportunity – he is a young player with a wealth of talent, and has worked hard to establish a great career already. Charlie has a wonderful attitude, and huge aspirations for himself, and we are very excited to work with him.

Charlie will make his debut with ORDER CS this evening in ESEA MDL S29!

You can follow Charlie on Twitter here.




An ideal Birdie round ft 'Meaty' EX Dolphin. Special guest, Milk Tea.

Ouch. #ORDEROW are taken down 1-3 in the second week of the @owpathtopro regular season - GGWP @AthleticoES, you guys played a great game!


From 0-2 down to a 4-2 victory! Huge recovery from #ORDEROW as our superb defence nets us the second map, tying up the scoreline 1-1!


#ORDEROW are back for their second match of the regular @owpathtopro season, facing @AthleticoES shortly!

LIVE @ 2PM - https://t.co/5goFLL89jP


Not our week.

#ORDERLOL drop the match to @ChiefsESC, putting us at 1-5 for the second @OPL split. We'll be back next week, coming up against @Gravitas and @bombers.